How to care for succulents?

In recent years, succulents, with their cute appearance, as well as their small, do not take up space, are cute but not delicate to grow and raise, and so on. A lot of flower friends have been attracted for a while crazy. Every person who likes it will want to grow it but is torn by the lack of starting. So Berry & Bird today will share a succulent rookie to succulent farming master's growth history with you.

Some veteran gardening enthusiasts say: "The so-called master gardeners are stepping over the "corpses" of plants step by step." This is true; to become a god, you must step by step research plant habits and trial planting, and after countless failures, slowly accumulate experience and become.

How to choose the pots?

The choice of pots: In my newbie days, there was only one criterion for choosing pots for succulents: to look good. I bought a lot of cute little pots until I accidentally knocked over a pot of succulents, only to find that the pot was all wet below the middle. I found out at this moment that the pot was not right, and after looking up the information, I realized that such a pot is used to grow meat with great problems. Although there is a bottom hole, because the material is resin, not breathable; the bottom of the pot and the contact surface of the windowsill are also not breathable; not that this is completely bad, but there will be a potential risk of disease, later let me take to plant greenery.

 Material of flower pots: according to the permeability. Maifan stone > alabaster > red pottery > porcelain pots (spray color) > porcelain pots with glaze > plastic pots, glass pots, resin pots.

Speaking of materials, the first thing you should do when choosing a pot is to use something that breathes well according to the environment of your area. The second is the case of soil allocation.
 What I want to focus on here is to try to choose a pot with a foot. The most benefit is that watering can be very good water control. The pot and the windowsill will not be close to each other; after all, the succulents, like most, are breathable ventilation. I have many pots without feet; every time after watering have to be put on the shelf for a long time, which is very troublesome. It is recommended to use pots with feet, as they are small and do not take up much space.

How to choose the soil?

The choice of soil: the soil is granular; the focus is on soil, different varieties, and different materials of the pot, and you want it to present different states with different soil. Generally, 70% of the particles and 30% of the grass carbon mix. The pellets can be more if you want to control the raising, such as peach eggs, milk, or orange monstera. But if you want to make it bigger and more populated, grass carbon can be increased, but it is recommended to be at most 50%.

How to choose the watering?

Speaking of which, I'll briefly mention watering. I usually soak the pots, but I'll rehydrate the Maiyanite pots once a week or so. The time of watering depends on the temperature of your house. It doesn't matter in other seasons, but in summer you must water at night when the temperature is lower. (I may also not water in the summer, mainly to replenish water.)
 I feel that the season when succulents get sick most is spring and summer; after spring, the insects are awake, the summer air is humid, and the meat loves to have bacteria, so I generally one to one and a half months to play medicine to prevent, early spring to play insecticide, late spring to play sterilization. You can rinse the roots in the fall with medicine when you water heavily. Here is a word, do not blow directly after the high medication wind.

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