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Garden Tools Stainless Steel Lawn Coring Aerator Tool 40 inch 4 Core Spike Tines Plug with Wooden Handle

Garden Tools Stainless Steel Lawn Coring Aerator Tool 40 inch 4 Core Spike Tines Plug with Wooden Handle


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4 Spike Tines Design, Save Your Time & Effect: Our manual aerator is designed with 4 tip-edge tines. The 4 spike coring tines work at the same time, which can greatly improve work efficiency and save you time & effort . If your soil is hard and dry, please pre-soak your lawn so the yard aeration tool can work best. When using the plug aerator, if you can't penetrate it into the soil, please step on the foot pedal and shake it back and forth a few times, then you will penetrate the soil easily.

Give You A New Lawn: This high-performance lawn aerator tool will help you loosen the soil by hand coring to reduce soil compaction & thatch, at the same, allowing air, water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to get down to the root area and enhancing the drought and heat resistance of turf. It also can stimulate root growth by "pruning" the roots, allowing the lawn to get more air again and help the plants to grow better, so you can say goodbye to the dry and yellow yard!

Reduce Your Fatigue: 40" tall core aerator eliminates sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending. At the same time, The “T” BAR handle is convenient to grip and provides an extra grip & enough comfort while aerating, making it ideal for long work periods. The wide foot plate maximizes downward force and allows for quick and comfortable pushing while maintaining body balance for safety while working, ideal for small areas and around plants.

Fine Craftsmanship: Our handles are made of high-quality white willow from high latitudes and cold regions, the grass is hard and has high toughness, shock resistance, and wear resistance. The high-quality stainless steel coring tines are so strong and durable that they will not bend even when used for high-intensity work. The lawn dethatchers are polished and lacquered to reduce dirt adhesion & easy to clean, enough to last you 10 years or more!

You Get: 1* Berry&Bird MANUAL LAWN CORING AERATOR Tool that is a good helper for long-term labor and perfect as a gift for father & husband.30-day free replacement, our worry-free 10-year warranty, and friendly customer service.

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