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Waterproof Transplanting Repotting Large Gardening Mat 28.7 inches

Waterproof Transplanting Repotting Large Gardening Mat 28.7 inches


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Enough Space for Potting Plants: This indoor plant mat is large enough to fit the soil, plant, and pot on your tabletop and allow you to work on the plant, like digging, repotting, watering, loosening soil, transplanting, cleaning, pruning, and hydroponics growing, etc., suitable for succulent plants, bonsai plants, and other houseplants.

Easy to Start Working: Cover your work area, such as the floor, table, or countertop, with this plant tarp; then, you will be free to work on your plants and do not have to worry about messing up the floor or table.

Waterproof & Leakproof: If there's any leftover soil, you can easily bend the potting mat into the trash can with no mess. Each of the four corners has two copper buckles, and the indoor gardening mat is waterproof, so if there are any spills, the water will not leak.

Quickly Clean-Up: Clean-up is easy; you can wipe or rinse the leftover soil from the repotting plant mat.

Foldable & Reusable: This indoor plant mat is foldable; you can easily fold and store it when used. Besides, the material is reusable; when you need to use it again, take it out and start.

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